Sailing courses

Yam Sailing School main focus is the International Skipper's Course. 
Graduates of this five steps course receive a coastal sailing license.
One year following the receipt of the coastal sailing license and upon completion of "Sea Time" and receipt of a GMDSS certificate, an international sailing license for any vessel up to 24 meters (~60 feet) is granted. 
This license is issued by the Israeli Ministry of Transport and is recognized world wide. 
There are five steps in order to receive the Israeli Ministry of Transport coastal sailing license. 
Four theoretical main areas, each learned in a separate course, followed by an official exam: 

  • Coastal navigation
  • Seamanship
  • Instruments use
  • Engine

Besides the theoretical lessons the students start sailing from the day they join us, we sail almost every day, and we encourage you to join us as much as possible! Some students clock 200 sea hours before their final exam!

 The fifth step, following a successful completion of the above mentioned exams, is a final practical sailing exam on the boat.


Other courses such as ASA courses, GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) certificate learning, skipper's assistant qualification, motorboat license (speed boat up to 21 feet) and others are also available.

Students arrive to School from once a week to every day of the week! According to their available time.

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