Yam sailing school established in 1996.

Yam sailing schools unique teaching philosophy combines private lessons and different teaching languages.

We can address a wide range of students with special needs. Business men who travel a lot or others who doesn't find the time to learn in a traditional class in a pre defined date and time.
We are capable of teaching in English  for sailing lovers who are stationed in Israel (UN, Red Cross, airline personnel, diplomats, students etc.) or foreigners living in Israel that are not comfortable with the Hebrew language.
We offer an international learning environment your fellow crew members can be Italian, Canadian, German, Irish, American, Dutch, and many more…

Yam Sailing School operates a fleet of three boats.
Two 40.7 Beneteau First, and a brand new Beneteau Cyclades 43 feet. 
Practical sailing instruction and practice are done using these boats. 
Students learn to handle the boat under all conditions and for the ones who are interested some yacht racing instruction is also available. 

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The Yam Sailing Academy is Israel’s only 16-week intensive course for acquiring the internationally-recognized Israel Maritime Skippers License.  Our school is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Marina Tel Aviv.

 At Yam Sailing Academy we combine our love of the sea with our love of Israel. During the 16-week course our sailors will be immersed in Israeli culture and will have the opportunity to go on many learning adventures with us.  Our program is structured to give our students a quality education- not just in sailing, but also in Zionism and Judaism.  By the courses end we hope each and every student will find themselves anchored to the Land of Israel.  

 Yam Sailing Academy students learn and live sailing five days a week.  Students will walk away from our program having developed many tools that apply in all aspects of navigating their way through life, such as: strong organizational skills, problem solving skills, patience, team work, respect for the environment, confidence and, most importantly, leadership skills. As it is said, with great responsibility comes great leadership.  Additionally our students will become proficient in a vast many subjects such as: physics, mechanics, science, technology, first aid, regulations and etiquette. 

 If you have ever found the sea calling you, or perhaps you have considered a career in the booming yachting industry, then our program is for you.  Come experience Israel with the Yam Sailing Academy.  We look forward to having you ABOARD!

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